Funda rígido para MacBook Pro 13 con Retina Monitor Cubierta del estuche

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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

  • Compatibility - MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina Display – Model Release 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 --- MF843LL/A , MF839LL/A , MF840LL/A , MF841LL/A , MGXD2LL/A , MGX72LL/A , MGX82LL/A , MGX92LL/A , ME864LL/A , ME865LL/A , ME866LL/A MD212LL/A, MD213LL/A, ME662LL/A, ME664LL/A
  • Lightweight & Sturdy – Macbook Pro 13 Inch Case A1502 A1425 - Made of sturdy lightweight plastic, our Macbook Pro 13 Inch protective case protects your Macbook Pro 13 from scratches and dings. At only 10 oz, it doesn't add any noticeable weight to your MacBook 13 Pro.
  • Easy Installation & Removal – Macbook Pro 13 Case A1502 A1425 - Our protective case has micro clips that securely fastens to your MacBook, and snaps off with easy when needed.
  • Cut Out Vents – Macbook Pro Cover A1502 A1425 - Aside from regular port cut-outs, the bottom of the case perfectly matches the vent slots of your MacBook Pro 13.3 for proper ventilation. It also has 4 rubberized feet that adds a few millimeter of surface separation to maximize air circulation.
  • Variety – Macbook Pro Case A1502 A1425 - All of us wants variety. That’s why our Macbook case comes in different colors that would fit any taste and mood.
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Detalle de producto

Detalle de producto

para Apple MacBook Pro 13 con pantalla Retina A1425 1502
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1 x Funda para Apple MacBook Pro 13 con pantalla Retina A1425 1502


Macbook Pro 13 Inch with Retina Display Case - Soft-Touch Series Plastic Hard Case MacBooks are beautiful. That's why we made sure that our MacBook Pro 13 case offers maximum protection while retaining the MacBook’s aesthetics. Our casing was built to work with MacBook design elements to ensure that the sleek and minimal design of your MacBook is retained. Compatible with: MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Retina Display (Models: A1502 / A1425) 2012-2015 1, Model: A1502 · Release 2015 MF843LL/A, MF841LL/A, MF840LL/A, MF839LL/A · Release 2014 and 2013 MGX72LL/A, MGX82LL/A, MGX92LL/A ME864LL/A, ME865LL/A, ME866LL/A 2, Model: A1425 · Release October 2012 MD212LL/A, MD213LL/A, ME662LL/A ME664LL/A NOT compatible with: · Macbook Pro 13 Inch with/without Touch Bar (A1989 A1706 A1708, 2018-2016) · Old Macbook Pro 13 Inch with CD-ROM (A1278) · Macbook Air 13 Inch

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